Zigbee Integration

WiFi Explorer Pro provides basic Zigbee network scanning capabilities using the MMB Networks RapidConnect USB stick. The integration aims to help you better understand the co-existence of Wi-Fi and Zigbee networks so that you can use that information when planning, designing or troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks in the presence of IoT devices.

When you connect the RapidConnect USB stick, WiFi Explorer Pro automatically starts scanning for Zigbee networks. Any found Zigbee networks are then displayed in the Zigbee view, which includes the Personal Area Network (PAN) identifier, channel, signal strength (RSSI). Also, you can choose to show the Extended PAN and the channel frequency in MHz.

The Zigbee networks are also overlaid on top of the Wi-Fi networks in their corresponding channel frequency in the Spectrum graph. The Zigbee networks are represented using a dotted-line and have as label its PAN ID. 

Compatible Adapters

The following RapidConnect USB sticks are compatible with WiFi Explorer Pro:


You must install drivers for the RapidConnect USB dongles before using the device with WiFi Explorer Pro. The drivers can be downloaded here

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