The ultimate, most reliable Wi-Fi scanner

WiFi Explorer Pro for Windows

WiFi Explorer Pro is a Wi-Fi scanner and analyzer for Windows built to assist WLAN and IT professionals in designing, validating, and troubleshooting wireless networks. Its clear, crisp visualizations and in-depth data help you diagnose and optimize your network for faster and better Wi-Fi.

7-day free trial.
Requires Windows 10 or later.


A powerful Wi-Fi scanner

Traditional Wi-Fi scanners give you just the necessary information about nearby Wi-Fi networks. WiFi Explorer Pro for Windows goes beyond providing you with expert features to help you analyze and assess home, small office, and enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

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In-depth analysis

WiFi Explorer Pro for Windows offers in-depth information that lets you inspect, diagnose, and validate the capabilities and configuration of wireless networks. Each field can be converted into a column to analyze, sort, and filter networks quickly.

Lightweight and fast

We have developed WiFi Explorer Pro for Windows to be fast and clean. With WiFi Explorer Pro, you can focus on important information as you navigate the scan results and hide or show network information depending on your needs, including labels, device names, or annotations.

Always up-to-date

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a professional, or a casual user, WiFi Explorer Pro for Windows ensures you’re always at the forefront of wireless innovation, offering support for the latest Wi-Fi standards, including Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 7.

Latest Standards Support

Discover and analyze networks using the latest Wi-Fi standards.

Custom Columns

Create custom columns from more than 850 available fields.

Custom Filters

Create custom filters for specific troubleshooting tasks.

Remote Scan Support

Scan for Wi-Fi networks remotely by using a supported remote sensor.

Capture File Support

Import captures files to visualize the networks found on them.

External Adapter Support

Scan for Wi-Fi networks by using external adapters.

7-day free trial. Requires Windows 10 or later.