Airtool 2

Capture Wi-Fi traffic.
Like a Pro.

Capture Wi-Fi packets using your Mac’s built-in Wi-Fi adapter with only a few clicks.

3-day free trial. Requires macOS 10.14 or later.



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Easy Packet Captures

Capture Wi-Fi traffic using your Mac’s adapter or Zigbee and BLE traffic using compatible USB dongles and automatically launch Wireshark for post-processing and analysis.

Flexible Configuration Options

Offers several flexible configuration options to accommodate the capture requirements of any packet analysis and troubleshooting task.

Cloud Services Integration

Integrates with popular cloud services such as CloudShark and Packets to automatically upload, analyze, or share your captures.

A must-have tool for every WLAN professional

Capturing Wi-Fi traffic is an essential task of protocol analysis. Whether trying to resolve Wi-Fi connectivity, roaming, configuration problems, or analyzing your Wi-Fi network’s performance, you must perform packet captures. Airtool lets you capture Wi-Fi packets in the easiest way possible. With advanced features such as automatic packet slicing and capture file limits and rotation, Airtool is a must-have tool for every wireless LAN professional.


Seamless integration with Wireshark

When you use Airtool, you don’t have to worry about using cumbersome commands or extra steps to start doing protocol analysis with Wireshark. With a single click, you can have Airtool start a packet capture and automatically open it in Wireshark when done. Or, if you prefer, you can configure Airtool to launch Wireshark and see the capture live.

Remote and multi-channel captures

You can also use Airtool to do remote Wi-Fi packet captures using a capable Linux box with a compatible Wi-Fi adapter such as the WLAN Pi. Airtool also makes it possible to perform affordable, multi-channel captures using multiple remote sensors and Wi-Fi adapters. All Airtool features are available when capturing using a remote sensor in the same way as when capturing using the built-in Wi-Fi adapter.


Capture Zigbee, BLE, and much more

In addition to Wi-Fi traffic, Airtool can also capture Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) packets using a compatible USB sniffer dongle, such as the TI CC2531 (Zigbee) and the TI CC2540 (BLE) USB evaluation module kits. Other supported devices include the RapidConnect Zigbee USB stick and Ubertooth One. Also, capture network traffic from your iPhone or iPad to investigate complex network problems affecting iOS devices.

3-day free trial. Requires macOS 10.14 or later.